Experiential Learning


All students are guaranteed the opportunity to participate in various experiential education options throughout all four years of their time at Bryant!

Experiential education is an intentionally designed learning pathway where students explore, engage, and reflect on new and challenging experiences to generate and apply novel learning and understanding. This can include internships, leadership positions within a student organization, professional experience, volunteerism, research, and other hands-on activities.

Students can work with the Amica Center for Career Education to reflect upon these experiences and earn digital badges that showcase specific skills to potential employers. 


Bryant University offers unique options for students to engage in internships that will allow students to enhance their learning outside of the classroom and gain real-world experience while remaining competitive in their job search. 

Students may engage in internships to test a potential career field, to gain experience that can be added to their resume and complement their studies, to build connections, or to fulfill academic requirements. Internships may be for-credit or non-credit, paid or unpaid, in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Our team is available to help students to determine where to find the right opportunity for their needs.  All internships must be planned with an academic advisor and/or our team and cannot be considered retroactively. 

Bryant offers the following internship options:

  • Transcript Notation Internships
  • Variable Credit Internships
  • Standard Academic Internships
  • Non-Credit Internships
  • To learn more about standard academic internships, please visit our Internships page! To register a non-credit internship click here to access our registry.


Digital badges are credentials that show students have developed awareness and skills related to a certain topic. These can be shared on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, or online portfolios to make students more marketable to employers. 

Currently, students can earn badges in Equity & Inclusion, 21st Century Skills, and Experiential Education. Each students’ path to completion will be unique. Students will meet with our team to plan their pathway, submit reflections and artifacts following their experiences, and curate an online portfolio to document their accomplishments. 

Amica Center Badges

Email our experiential education team, Amy Steere (asteere@bryant.edu) and Katie Taylor (ktaylor12@bryant.edu) or schedule an appointment through Handshake to get started on your digital badge pathway!