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Be a Partner

We look forward to assisting you and your student with education, experience, and career success. In turn, we hope you will consider contacting us to hire a Bryant student within your own organization.

Suggestions for partnering

  • Stress the value of involvement. Experiential learning starts during a student's first year, and joining clubs and organizations is a great way to start.
  • Encourage regular visits to Academic Advising and the Academic Center for Excellence. Academic success matters. 
  • Support talking to peers who have done this before. MyPath mentors are available to assist.
  • Applaud your student for connecting with us by registering on the Bryant Career Connection, writing a resume or attending a career fair.
  • Invest in essential clothing needed for a successful internship/job search. Visit the Dress for Success Closet in the Academic Center for Excellence to source free professional clothing as well. 
  • Encourage meeting/developing as many employer contacts as possible to help your student clarify goals and gain experience. This can include site visits, internships, career fairs and networking nights. Assist by providing your own introductions and networking opportunities.
  • Taking the initiative is a key to success. Reassure your student that seeking assistance as often as possible yields positive results. The Bryant community is available to help through the Amica Career Center, Academic Advising, faculty, peer mentors, student leaders, and Bryant alumni.


Consider hiring a Bryant student