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The vision of the Amica Center for Career Education is that every individual is empowered to experience personal and professional success throughout life with the help of our programs and services.

The Amica Center for Career Education embraces a comprehensive and holistic approach to career education and career management. Our mission is to guide students and alumni as they explore, discover, and connect with their personal and professional goals. To learn more about our team and our values, please visit our About Us page!

Our primary goals are:

  1. 100 percent of our graduating classes will, by six months out after graduation, be employed, furthering their education, or engaged in another formal and intentional post-graduation activity (e.g., service, mission, volunteer);
  2. 100 percent of students engage in experiential education during their time at Bryant University;
  3. To serve all students across all majors and concentrations, across all colleges and schools;
  4. To create a dynamic career development network that includes students, alumni, Bryant staff and faculty, employers and other organizations; and
  5. Students and alumni will learn to manage their personal and professional development through our services, programs, and events.

To achieve our goals we offer a variety of services, programs, and events to support all students and alumni, in addition to introducing all second-semester first-year students to career education through the Career Launch Course, embedded in students' general education. Some, but not all, of our offerings include:


  • Individual Career Coaching
  • Daily Drop-In Hours
  • Workshops
  • On-Campus Interviewing


  • Fall and Spring Semester Career Fair
  • Fall and Spring Semester Resume Rally
  • Walk Down Wall Street
  • Arts in the City
  • Dress for Success Fashion Show
  • Art of Networking Night


  • Digital Badging Program
  • Summer Internship Fellowship
  • Transcript Notation Internship
  • Career Jump Start

To get started, check out our Four Year Plan!

Amica Center for Career Education

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Four-Year Plan

Planning for your future career starts within your first year. Our services help you to explore various majors, discover your career goals, find internships, prepare your job search strategy, learn about graduate school, interviewing skills, networking, and more.

Four-Year Plan

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