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Post-Graduate Programs

Attending graduate school, seeking a fellowship, or taking a gap year may be the right next step after you complete your undergraduate studies. This information will help you explore these options.

Graduate school


A fellowship is a monetary reward offered by an institution, foundation or other organization to support academic work, research or specialized training in areas of interest to the granting organization. Fellowships are typically a short-term (one year) experience that can help you to gain experience, make contacts, prepare for graduate school and lead to entry opportunities. The application process is typically competitive so apply early.

Service and Teaching Opportunities

Postgraduate service and teaching programs (usually 12-24 months in length) may offer time to get to know yourself better, explore potential careers and build new skills that can help your transition to graduate school or full-time employment. Experiences may include: working, teaching, volunteering and traveling. These programs apply to all majors and may offer a stipend, housing and/or benefits (including tuition). Popular programs include: AmeriCorps, CityYear, Teach for America and more.