The Amica Center assists all Bryant students with finding internships whether they are planning to receive academic credit or not.

Internships help enhance your learning outside the classroom and give you real-world experience. Internships also help you be competitive in your job search.

About Internships

In a broad sense, an internship is a semester-long learning opportunity in which students work with professionals and gain hands-on experience in their career field. Internships provide a context for students to transform classroom-based theory into practical, real-world application. While internships are valuable to the organization/employer, the primary focus is on the student’s learning experience. A meaningful internship is designed with specific learning outcomes and involves feedback and personal reflection. It can be a valuable networking tool and allows students to further explore potential careers and industries.

Why do an internship?

  • Test a career field to see if a potential career is right for you
  • Get experience to add to your resume and complement your studies
  • Build your connections – many employers hire from within
  • To fulfill academic requirements and/or receive academic credit (optional for most majors)

Internships can be:

  • For credit and paid
  • For credit and unpaid
  • Noncredit and paid
  • Noncredit and unpaid (comparable to volunteering)

Finding an Internship

  • Meet with a career coach in the Amica Center. They can help you explore internship opportunities, develop your resume and cover letter, practice interviewing, and more. The Amica Center offers appointments and daily drop-in hours.
  • Search in Bryant Career Connection (BCC). You can find BCC in the Quick Launch menu in the My Bryant portal.
  • Attend Career and Internship Fairs, and other networking events on campus

Use the Internship Search Resources below:

Best practice resources:

Internship Search Resources:

Academic Internships

Eligible students may receive academic credit for internships that have been approved by the appropriate Academic Department Chair. Students can do up to three internships for academic credit: one in your major, one in your minor, and one open elective.

During your academic internship, you will work with a faculty supervisor in the academic area of study pertaining to your internship. Your professor will provide a learning agreement or syllabus and may also incorporate midpoint and final semester evaluations (completed by your internship site supervisor) into your final grade. The internship is a graded course and affects your GPA.

For more information about academic internships, including eligibility and frequently asked questions, click here.

The Washington Center

Consider spending a semester in Washington, D.C., while working in an internship.

Bryant students in Washington, D.C.
Previous Bryant students who have participated in The Washington Center program have worked for a variety of organizations and businesses including the White House, the Environmental Agency, law offices and lobbying consulting firms.

The Washington Center is a full-time internship and seminar program offered during the fall, spring (16 weeks, 12-15 credits) and summer (10 weeks, 6-9 credits) in Washington, D.C. Academic credit is required for participation.

Previous Bryant students have worked in a variety of organizations and businesses including: the White House, Environmental Protection Agency, National Opera House, law offices, and lobbying consultant firms. The program includes internship placement, weekly seminar program, and one evening course. Housing is provided.


  • Must complete minimum of 75 credits, minimum overall GPA: 2.7.
  • International Students are encouraged to apply, but must meet CPT/OPT requirements.

Learn more: Go to BCC (Handshake) and search for keyword "Washington".

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