Salary and Offers

Salary offers for college graduates vary by field of study, demand, industry, size of company, location and more. Here are some guidelines for success:

  • Conduct preliminary research.  Some organizations may be open to negotiation but many firms have set salaries for their training programs.
  • Consider all aspects of the position including culture and organizational fit. The highest-paid position isn’t always the best option.
  • Get your offer in writing and thoroughly review before accepting or rejecting the position.
  • Ask for additional time to consider the offer, if necessary.  It’s ok to say no to an offer, just decline professionally.
  • Analyze your entire compensation package including benefits, vacation/sick time, pension/saving plans, tuition remission, etc.
  • Benchmark against fellow graduates.
  • Juggle multiple offers carefully and adhere to professional guidelines. Seek assistance before you change your mind about an offer you’ve already accepted.
  • Meet with a career coach to talk through your decision.

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