Ensuring success during your interview for an internship, job or admission to a postgraduate program takes self-knowledge, research, and an understanding of the process and practice.

The basics

  • A first or screening interview helps a recruiter assess whether your qualifications match the position. Recruiters may interview you on campus, at the company, by phone or through Skype or video conferencing.
  • A more in-depth second interview may last from one hour to an entire day with one person or a variety of professionals. This interview may result in an offer.
  • A final interview is required for some positions. It allows additional professionals to determine whether you will be a good fit, provides an opportunity for more in-depth skills assessment, and, in some cases, gives a senior leader the opportunity to approve the selection.

Interview formats

Recruiters use a variety of interviews to assess your qualifications. Learn how to prepare for each:


  • A mock interview lets you practice your interviewing skills with a career coach and/or an employer partner. Schedule an appointment.
  • The informational Interview helps you learn more about a professional's career path and helps you to build rapport with a professional in an industry you are considering without the pressure of a job interview.

Best Practice Resources

Online resources for more information can be found in our Guides and Resources section.

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