Recruiting Program

Opportunities in business, nonprofits and government, and postgraduate fellowships and service programs

The Recruiting Program consists of on-campus interviews, off-campus interviews/job postings for full-time professional-level positions, and three annual career fairs. Each year more than 400 employers participate in the Recruiting Program, including more than 150 employers who conduct on-campus interviews during the fall and spring semesters.



  • Employers with formal training and leadership development programs typically recruit early in the fall semester.
  • Many of these competitive opportunities are open to all majors with the desired skills sets and competencies.
  • Research opportunities and APPLY EARLY, through postings in BCC  or directly to the employer in your career field or geographic area of interest.


  • Spring semester BCC postings include more diverse opportunities from a wide variety of organizations, locations and career fields.

On-campus recruiting

The recruiting program is managed through BCC. Use it to:

  • Review opportunities and employer events posted for Bryant students.
  • Apply to positions of interest.
  • Respond to interview acceptances and sign-up for campus interviews.

Off-campus recruiting and job postings

  • Employers in a wide variety of industries post opportunities in BCC but may not conduct interviews on campus due in part to the competitive economy. Opportunities posted in BCC include postgraduate service programs and fellowships.
  • Apply to opportunities by the deadline in BCC. Employers contact selected candidates directly to arrange phone or off-campus interviews. Be sure to follow up and network with contacts.

In addition to participating in Bryant’s Recruiting Program, you can launch an individual job search using our resources and consultation from our career staff. Regardless of your interests and geographic target, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

Considering graduate school or other postgraduate programs? Use these tools and strategies.

Recruiting Program participation/BCC access

Full-time seniors who will graduate by May 2021 and full-time graduate students who will graduate by August 2021 are eligible to participate in the 2020-2021 program.

  • Full-time graduate students: Request activation of your BCC account by stopping by the Amica Center to advise Nancy Friel, recruitment coordinator, of your full-time graduate student status. 



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