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Greetings from the Amica Center for Career Education!

The Amica Center has many planned opportunities for your student to engage upon so they can explore their career options - now through the beginning of next semester, January 2021. This is an information-packed newsletter with lots of offerings, soplease review to learn more!


Our office has been asked by faculty, staff, students, parents and even reporters about the current “recruiting and employment scene” because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  While during the summer there were challenges, recruiting has not gone away; organizations are still hiring. To be sure, recruiting has stretched out across the full semester (rather than the typical September-October burst).  Here’s the exciting news:   Nearly every day this fall we have had students drop-in, email, and call to share about their internship or job offers and acceptances.   We have employers hiring Class of 2020 AND Class of 2021 candidates (with some hiring even more than last year).  The success of these Bryant alumni and students is a testament to the strength and reputation of the Bryant curriculum and the character of the Bryant candidate! 


In this Thanksgiving edition, you will learn about:


Summer Internship Fellowship - “Don’t be swayed if the internship isn’t paid!”

We are pleased to offer the 2021 Summer Internship Fellowship Program again this year!  Applications are now being accepted and can be found in BANNER.


This program awards funds up to $2000 to students receiving low or unpaid summer internship opportunities. Any student in any class year (with a GPA 2.5 or greater) can apply, and the internships do not need to be for academic credit.  In the past, through this program, Bryant students have had the opportunity to work in Government, Healthcare, STEM, Education, the Arts, Entrepreneurial Start-ups, and Nonprofit sectors to gain real-world experience.

We are proud to offer three specially named Fellowships, as well. 

    1. The Leger R. Morrison Summer Internship Fellowship , generously endowed by Alumnae Judith Allen (’55), specifically funds a student interning at a cultural arts site (think: museum, theatre, library, nonprofit music venue, opera/symphony, a community center promoting cultural arts, and more).
    2. The Sheryl Crowley (’60) Memorial Summer Internship Fellowship , generously funded by her daughter, Merritt Crowley, carries an additional $500 for an opportunity that requires significant travel or housing expenses (e.g., international or DC).
    3. The Amica Center’s own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Internship Fellowship funds one student interning at an organization or role that embraces and specifically addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion in its engagement with the community and people they serve.


Please see the attached flyer and encourage your student to learn more about this great opportunity. Our team of Career Coaches can help your student identify internship opportunities in your geographic area that may qualify for a Fellowship.  Also attached is the overview sheet outlining the Fellowship’s requirements and important deadlines!  


If you have any questions about this program, please don’t hesitate to ask Amy Ames at    If you are interested in helping to support a Fellowship, as a one-time gift or as a long-term planned gift, I’d be pleased to explore this with you (401-232-6092 or ).


The Bryant University Career Jump Start Program is Back!
After a highly successful program launch in August , the Bryant University Career Jump Start program returns with two sessions offered over the 2020/2021 winter break.

Bryant University Career Jump Start is a one-day intensive program designed to quickly equip students with a core set of career-related skills they can use immediately. Through the program, students will:  

  • Learn about the following core components of career development: 
    • Skills, Values, Interests 
    • Résumé Writing, Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn, Personal Branding 
    • Interviewing and Networking Skills 
  • Participate in a private networking event with employer Talent Acquisition Specialists  
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion 
  • Receive an individual career consultation with a panel of career development experts 


Bryant University Career Jump Start will take place virtually on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 and Thursday, January 21, 2020. The programs run from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Registration is required and space is limited to 20 student participants per session .


Registration Deadline: November 30, 2020

Please direct all questions to Liam Hillery ( ) and Veronica Stewart ( ).   

Registration Link:


Get in on the ground floor; join us on EXPLORE!

This year for the EXPLORE Program, we are offering virtual networking events with Bryant alumni from all over the country during winter break.  Students will receive specific information about these events via the Tuesday student email (see below) and through special email marketing.  Questions or want to be an alumni participant?  Pat Miernicki ( ) is coordinating.


EXPLORE dates:

  • January 11, 2021
  • January 14, 2021
  • January 19, 2021


These events are a great way for your student to make valuable connections and “get a foot in the door!” 

Job Shadow Program
Alumni/Student Virtual Connections & Job Shadow Program – Coming during winter break!

Bryant University’s Job Shadow Program will be back this year, with NEW features to make connecting easier in this COVID-19 environment.  The technical details will be shared with students in late-November via the Tuesday student email.


Info Sessions(beginning in December)

All students will be invited to attend one of many 10-minute orientation sessions with Amica Center staff to learn about the program and tips for reaching out to participating alumni.

Making Connections(throughout Winter Break)

Students who attend an orientation will be given access to our BCC Online Professional Network to view alumni participant profiles and reach out directly, if interested. Students will know in advance whether alumni participants can offer in-person job shadowing or virtual informational interviews only.  Alumni participants have the option to set a limit on how many students may reach out to them, but students should not feel stuck if an alum’s limit has been reached.  During our Info Sessions, students will also learn to use other online tools to find and reach out to alumni contacts independently at any other time during the year.

Want to volunteer?

If you are a Bryant Alum and want to participate in the Job Shadow Program, contact

Veronica Stewart,  This program is a great way to give back to Bryant!

Questions? Veronica Stewart, , is coordinating.

MBA Career Development Workshop Series

The Amica Center is offering enrolled MBA students a virtual career development workshop series during the Winter Break.  MBA students will receive special registration instructions next week.  The workshops are:

  • Alumni Panel: Leveraging Your MBA
  • Marketing Yourself through Résumés, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles
  • Job Search & Networking
  • Online Job Search Tools


25 Ways Your Student Can Build Their Career over Winter Break!
With Two Months “Off,” What to Do, What to Do? 

    1. Meet with a Career Coach to make a career plan (virtually, of course)
    2. Connect with an Alumni through our Job Shadow program
    3. Take an online career assessment to learn about skills, values, and interests
    4. Attend one or more of our EXPLORE networking nights
    5. Evaluate the past semester and make goals for the new semester!
    6. Learn a new skill
    7. Send a thank-you note to important professors, staff, or professional colleagues
    8. Pick up a part-time (remote) job
    9. Make the perfect LinkedIn Profile
    10. Create a career related vision board
    11. Tune up the résumé
    12. Volunteer
    13. Schedule informational interviews with professionals in your field
    14. Write a LinkedIn blog post
    15. Research industries and stay up to date with trends
    16. Attend virtual events such as conferences or networking nights
    17. Start a personal project
    18. Talk to your family and friends about their career experiences. Learn from them.
    19. Create an online portfolio to showcase your work
    20. Scrub your personal social media profiles for any questionable content
    21. Read a book! Any book!
    22. Create your own internship by reaching out to a local company or organization
    23. Explore the idea of going to graduate school
    24. Earn a micro credential
    25. Meet with (or find) a mentor


Internships are going virtual!
The pandemic continues, but this hasn’t stopped Bryant students from interning!


Many employers have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting their programs and are still offering quality experiences via virtual opportunities. Important aspects such as training, professional development and meetings with leadership are still happening – just in the virtual space. Students are obtaining internships!


Spring 2021 Academic Internship Deadline - February 9 th
If your student is planning on an academic internship next semester…


Upon approval by the academic department chair, eligible students may receive academic credit for an upcoming internship! Students may speak with an Internship Coordinator in the Amica Center to learn about student eligibility, internship criteria, and the approval and registration process.


Spring 2021 deadline is 2/9/2021

Students must:

  1. obtain an Academic Internship Enrollment form from Academic Advising; and
  2. submit their Employer Contact sheet to the Amica Center by February 9, 2021.

  Contact: Denise Gormley, or Heather Grim,


Non-Credit Internships – Getting them Recognized
Non-credit internships are valuable experiences that employers also recognize


Employers want students to complete internships because internships provide significant discipline-related real-world learning and experience.  Internships expose and train students to an organization’s work processes, culture, and expectations.  Internships are like a long interview – and many convert into full-time jobs.  Internships increase a candidate’s competitiveness.  And we also know that completed internships command higher starting salaries. 


If an internship is completed for academic credit, it is officially documented via the academic transcript and is notated within Banner (Bryant’s student information system).  But -- if an internship is not completed for academic credit (a.k.a., a non-credit internship), that internship is not officially verified by Bryant University and is not on the academic transcript.  Our goal with the Non-Credit Internship Registry is to offer students a way to have non-credit internships verified by the Amica Center.  While the registry is not part of the official academic transcript, it offers documentation that otherwise would not be available to students and employers. Please note that past non-credit internships are not eligible for academic credit.  


If your student completed a non-credit internship, the Amica Center can verify and register the experience with our office.  This service maintains a record of completion which students and employers can query by request. Students also receive an Amica Center document verifying the completion of the non-credit internship.  Using the linked form below, students must register the internship with the Amica Center to have it verified and documented (a process which includes our office contacting the internship site). 


Expanding the Reach: Job Postings in Bryant Career Connection (BCC)
We don’t just post regional internship and job announcements on Bryant Career Connection, our reach is global!


The graphic below highlights our growing reach of opportunities posted in Bryant Career Connection (this includes internships, co-ops, part-time jobs, and career positions). As you can see, we post positions beyond the US, too!

Through our subscription service with our job board vendor, Symplicity, we receive internship and job announcements from 50 metro areas from across the country (see map below).  These postings are called “curated jobs” and the internships are called “internship non-credit.”  Both of these show as such when your student searches for opportunities in Bryant Career Connection.  Every week we post many of these exciting opportunities for students to consider!

If you are interested in recruiting Bryant talent, let Pat Miernicki ( ) or I ( ) know; we’ll be glad to work with you.  Help us continue extending the reach of Bryant employment opportunities!


The Fortune 100 List Project
Quick links to make searching for internships and jobs a bit easier!


This semester we shared with all students (via email) our Fortune 100 List Project, an EXCEL spreadsheet that provides students with links to the top 100 companies on the Fortune 500 list.  (Note: Over time, we plan to expand this list.)  The links bring students directly to each company’s University Careers Website , along with direct links to:

  • Diversity Links
  • Early Insight Programs
  • Employee Resource Group Links
  • Entry Level Careers
  • Global Opportunities – Entry Level Careers
  • Global Opportunities – Internships
  • Internships
  • MBA - Full Time Careers
  • MBA Early Insight Programs
  • MBA Programs – Internships


No matter your student’s class year, the list is a valuable worksheet to help your student with their job and internship search.  For students seeking opportunities not associated with this list/project, the Amica Center has additional job/internship search resources, such as the Job Search Guide and Bryant Career Connection.  And with some disciplines, a strategically developed search plan greatly enhances candidate confidence and success. We are here to assist!

More Career Coaching!

The Amica Center will continue to offer career coaching services throughout the winter break (except when campus is closed for the holidays).  Students can easily schedule by email ( ) or by logging into their account on  Bryant Career Connection .


Weekly Student Email
A weekly Amica Center communication sent to all Bryant students

Every Tuesday during the academic term, and bi-weekly during breaks, your student receives an email from our office with a list of all internship and full-time positions with approaching deadlines in Bryant Career Connection. Also included in this email is information on upcoming Amica Center programs and events, career readiness tips, and employer program highlights. Encourage your student to read this email every week so they don’t miss out on great opportunities and events!

Want to receive this weekly email yourself? Please email Scott Connolly at to be added to our parent email distribution list.


Seeking Interns and/or Full-Time Talent?
Consider Bryant talent! 

Looking to hire an intern next spring or next summer?  The Amica Center can assist you and your organization with intern recruitment.  Contact Denise Gormley, Sr. Internship Coordinator ( ) for more information.

Seeking top talent at the entry level?  MBA level?  Let us help your organization grow with competitive and highly sought-after candidates.  Reach out to myself ( ) or Pat Miernicki ( ) and we’ll discuss how we can support your recruiting needs.


Recruiting Events in 2021
Virtual Career Fairs and more!


The Amica Center is excited to share our Winter and Spring recruiting schedule, below.  We will once again use a video-based virtual career fair platform that performed extremely well this fall.  The fairs will run from 4pm to 7pm and students will be sent instructions on how to participate in late January.  The Résumé Rallies, at which recruiters meet students and assist with their résumés, run the week prior to the fairs (so students can prepare).  While not scheduled yet, we will continue to offer virtual networking/recruiting programs during the spring semester, too.


2/18/21 – Résumé Rally #1
2/24/21 – Winter Career and Internship Fair


3/18/21 - Résumé Rally #2
3/24/21 – Spring Career and Internship Fair


4/7/21 – Summer Opportunities Fair (internships, summer/seasonal jobs, etc.)


Winter Break Staffing Plan for the Amica Center
We are Going 100% Remote Again


On November 30, 2020, the Amica Center, like most other offices at Bryant University, will return to 100% remote services, as the fall academic term will be over.  As we were able to demonstrate last spring, we are able to deliver high quality and responsive career services remotely.  We will remain 100% remote until late January (2021), before classes begin. 

We will not offer in-person coaching sessions during the winter break but will instead offer Zoom and phone appointments. 

Students can easily make appointments by logging into BCC or by emailing   Our business hours will remain the same: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm



Who is the Amica Center for Career Education?

Amica Center STaff


Thank you for taking the time to read this e-newsletter, which spans from November 25, 2020, through January 22, 2021.  This e-newsletter is designed to keep you informed of major Amica Center programs and events that support your student’s career planning and success here at Bryant University.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email ( ) or phone (401-232-6090).

On behalf of the entire team here in the Amica Center, best wishes –

Dr. Kevin Gaw
Executive Director
Amica Center for Career Education

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