The Washington Center

Consider spending a semester in Washington, D.C., while working in an internship.
Bryant students in Washington, D.C.
Previous Bryant students who have participated in The Washington Center program have worked for a variety of organizations and businesses including the White House, the Environmental Agency, law offices and lobbying consulting firms.

The Washington Center is a full-time internship and seminar program offered during the fall, spring (16 weeks, 12-15 credits) and summer (10 weeks, 6-9 credits) in Washington, D.C. Academic credit is required for participation.

Previous Bryant students have worked in a variety of organizations and businesses including: the White House, Environmental Protection Agency, National Opera House, law offices, and lobbying consultant firms. The program includes internship placement, weekly seminar program, and one evening course. Housing is provided.


  • Must complete minimum of 75 credits, minimum overall GPA: 2.7.
  • International Students are encouraged to apply, but must meet CPT/OPT requirements.

Learn more: Go to BCC and search for keyword "Washington"