Off-campus / Job Postings

For seniors and master's candidates

If you are interested in resume collection only, we invite you to use the Bryant Career Connection (BCC), our online recruiting system, to post your position(s). Get started here.   

  • New to BCC? Please review our Employer User Guide, located on the login page, for detailed account creation and posting instructions.
  • All account/posting request(s) will be placed in pending until reviewed and approved by Recruiting Program staff.
  • Updates regarding the status of account/posting request(s) will occur between 24-48 hours of submission.

Off-campus interviews are arranged directly between the employer and the candidate and are conducted at the employer's location. Campus interview scheduling or a schedule of Skype interviews can be arranged upon request.

For alumni

  • We invite you to use the BCC to post position(s) targeting a recent alumnus (0-5 years out). Get started here.
  • We are happy to list position(s) targeting a candidate with 5+ years of experience in our weekly Job Source e-Newsletter. Please email the position description and application instructions to

Questions? Contact
Scott Connolly, Assistant Director
Phone: (401) 232-6091

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