Academic Internship Program

An academic internship is a semester-long, supervised work experience related to a student's area of study.  Bryant does not require credit, but offers internships as elective courses in a degree, concentration or minor area of study.

As a sponsoring organization, you can offer substantive work experience that supports students’ academic and career goals. If you do not yet have an established internship program or you would like to consider ways to improve your current program, consider these FAQs:

How many hours do students work?

  • Internships are a minimum of 120 hours, typically 10-12 hours weekly for 10-12 weeks or full-time summer

How long do internships run?

  • Internships run concurrent with academic semesters: Fall (Sept.-Dec.) Spring (late Jan--Apr.) Summer (June-Aug.).

What are your responsibilities?

  • Create a work space within a public facility, some assignments may be remote
  • Provide training to include background on industry, company history and specific projects and assignments
  • Complete a schedule form during the first week of the internship
  • Provide formal assessment regarding skill development and professional growth by completing a mid-performance evaluation and final performance evaluation

How does academic credit work?

  • Students earn 3 academic credits and learning is assessed and graded by a faculty supervisor
  • If the internship occurs during the summer, the intern is responsible for tuition fees to the University
  • If an organization requires academic credit, a student must meet Bryant’s eligibility requirements as follows:
    • Minimum of 60 credits completed prior to starting internship
    • Minimum GPA 2.0 in concentration, minor or open elective for which credit is being sought. Exception: Finance and International Business: minimum GPA 2.5
    • Must complete Departmental prerequisites as established by faculty within each academic department
    • Transfer students must establish a Bryant GPA prior to starting an academic internship

Internship posting process

To begin the process, please post your internship position(s) in the Bryant Career Connection (BCC) .

  • Already have a BCC account? Please login here.
  • New to BCC? Please review our Employer User Guide, located on the login page, for detailed account creation and posting instructions.
  • The internship manager will review and submit to the appropriate academic department chair(s ) for consideration. The chair will decide to approve, request additional information, or reject as an elective course.
  • The employer will be notified of the chair’s decision by the internship manager. If it is approved, the internship(s) will be activated for the student's review and application; if it is denied, a paid internship will be posted. (Unpaid internships will not be posted.) Review typically takes 3-5 days.

  Student application and interview process

Approved internships are posted on the Bryant Career Connection (BCC) during the recruiting period.

You can select candidates and conduct interviews on your site or on campus.

Intern acceptance

Once a student accepts an offer and opts to seek credit, he/she will provide a schedule form, mid-semester and final performance evaluations to be completed during the internship by the student and employer.

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