Hire an Intern

When your organization is ready to hire a Bryant student for an internship, follow these steps.

Post an opportunity

1. Write an internship description

Important elements distinguish an internship from a part-time job:

  • you or a faculty supervisor establish learning objectives;
  • you provide assessment;
  • emphasis is on professional development;
  • reflection regarding learning and interest is provided.

2.  Determine compensation

We encourage you to offer compensation. You will attract more qualified candidates and aid students with costs related to the internship and education.  If your organization is unable to offer a regular wage, consider a stipend to assist with parking fees, mileage, meals, summer tuition fees, etc.

Compensation varies based on the industry and the skill level required for the position. These salary websites can guide you, or contact careers@bryat.edu for current wage information.

Unpaid internships must be approved for academic credit by the department chair before posting on our online job/recruiting system known as BCC. Nonprofit organizations with a history of volunteerism may be posted as volunteer positions, as well as academic credit.

Unpaid student employment must meet the Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act:

  • the training should be similar to that given in a vocational setting;
  • the experience is for the benefit of the student;
  • students do not displace regular employees;
  • the site sponsor provides the training and receives no immediate advantage from the activities of students;
  • students are not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the training period.

3. Submit an opportunity

Post your internship position(s) in the Bryant Career Connection (BCC) .

  • Already have a BCC account? Please login here.
  • New to BCC? Please review our Employer User Guide, located on the login page, for detailed account creation and posting instructions.

4. Check internship timeline

Recruit on campus

Learn about our on-campus recruiting program here.

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