Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement


The Amica Center for Career Education believes in diversity in its fullest extent
and we strive to ensure that our staff, programs, services, events and office environment
welcome, respect, and elevate all people.

We believe equity is an essential value and practice that must be demonstrated daily
to our community members, so as to create and provide
a just and fair career development and learning environment.

We are a community of colleagues who embrace inclusion and we aspire to promote the
welfare, dignity, and opportunity
of all within the Bryant University community and beyond.

The Amica Center affirms the rights of each individual and we support the
prosperity of all identities and their intersections, as well as
all the communities in which individuals thrive.

The Amica Center is committed to diversifying its student and professional staff and will
leverage every opportunity to identify and recruit qualified diverse candidates
to achieve an equitable representation in both student and professional staffing.

We understand we must engage in anti-racist endeavors to challenge ourselves and the status quo, so as 
to create a better community for all of us, to share and cherish, and to
support the success of each other.