Black Lives Matter Statement

The Amica Center for Career Education staff denounce and stand against systemic and individual racism, hate, oppression, violence, and harassment.  We denounce and stand against police brutality, causing psychological and physical injury and death.  The tragic losses of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Rayshard Brooks, Elijah McClain, Daniel Prude, and painfully so many more Black community members, caused by police brutality, are not acceptable.  We must continue to say their names. We stand in solidarity and in support of Black lives. Black Lives Matter

We understand how majority power, prejudice, bias, ethnocentrism, privilege, and racism, overt and covert, systemic and individual, create a social environment that is hostile towards individuals and communities of color.  We understand social injustice is real.  Such an environment generates barriers to personal, professional, and community success, marginalizing people and communities of color, especially our members of the Black community.  Our Constitution states that “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are unalienable Rights; we must uphold these rights to ensure the true vision of our democracy. We are all created equal.  

We understand we must engage in anti-racist endeavors to challenge ourselves and the status quo, and to create a better community for all of us, to share and cherish, and to support the success of each other. 

Our students of color, our Black students, are deeply impacted by what is occurring across the country and world, as well as here on campus.  With pain in our hearts, we have seen and heard the negative impact.  These students are members of our community.  The Amica Center for Career Education staff is committed to working with and supporting our students of color, through open dialogue and through our individual and collective actions, now and as we move forward.