Published 08/05/13

William Gowen '13: Aiming for a career in public service

MAJORS: Global Studies: Global Politics; Economics: International Political Economics
MINOR: Business Administration
HOMETOWN: Lincroft, NJ
PATH:  Government, public service, foreign service

For as long as he can remember, William Gowen has been interested in government and public policy. A partnership between Bryant and The Washington Center (TWC) in Washington, D.C., resulted in a semester-long internship. “I was at a think tank basically doing economics research. I absolutely loved the experience – it taught me so much and was an important part of how I chose my career,” says Gowen, the sole student among his peers to receive a TWC leadership award.

“Because of Bryant’s distinctive integration of liberal arts and business, you become a well-rounded individual,” he says. “You may be well versed in business classes, for example, but you also develop a unique perspective on how to look at different issues and problems in the world.”

The Honors Program member simultaneously conducted research for a Harvard University senior fellow who was writing a book on entrepreneurship and new-age leadership. “I’ve continued to work for her because I have the background in research, economics, international relations, and more,” says Gowen. “Many of her research assistants didn’t have that.”

Gowen plans to work in Washington, D.C., in government and public service. His dream job is to be a Foreign Service officer with the State Department, working abroad for the U.S. “I think that would be a fantastic experience,” he says.