Published 03/27/13

Taking advantage of career preparation opportunities

Major: Finance
Minor: political science minor
Path: Sales Associate Program at EMC Corporation

Matt Roncaioli ’13 had not just one but five job offers on the table by the time he graduated in May. This finance major, who is also a wide receiver for the football team, took full advantage of the career preparation opportunities available to him at Bryant University… and it paid off.

“Bryant has given me the necessary tools that I need to succeed in business by motivating and encouraging me to get real-world experience,” he says.

He could have been working at Amica Mutual Insurance – an opportunity that he learned about at an on-campus career fair - or at Fidelity as a financial representative, which he found through the Bryant Career Connection – an online database of job and internship openings.

"Bryant has given me the necessary tools that I need to succeed in business by motivating and encouraging me to get real-world experience."

By reaching out to Bryant alumni in the Boston area, he did a job shadow at Baystate Financial, which then turned into a job offer. The fourth, at MassMutual Southern New England, is the fruit of a year and a half internship with the company, during which he obtained his life insurance and health insurance licenses.

The internship "taught me how to act in a professional manner, how to better communicate, and how to make deals with customers,” says Roncaioli. 

He notes that preparation for the interviews was crucial. He used the Amica Center's interview prep – a mock interview with a faculty member that was filmed and reviewed. “I felt confident going into my interviews and was able to relax, be myself, and articulate my thoughts,” he said.

He also sat down with a career services adviser at the Center who reviewed and edited his resume multiple times. He also took the course "Personal Selling" as an elective, did informational interviews with alumni, and went to a finance forum to network.

“Bryant also taught me how to learn and to be quick on my feet,” he adds. One of his favorite classes was "Banking Institutions" because of the teacher, Peter J. Nigro, Ph.D.

 “Professor Nigro brought out the best in me and helped me explore my potential. I was motivated and determined to succeed in this class because my teacher pushed me.”

It hasn’t been all work and no play for Roncaioli, who enjoyed many of the community service and athletic opportunities on campus.  

“The amount of respect we receive as student athletes and how much people appreciate athletics here really stands out to me,” he says. “The support we get from the student body, coaches, advisers, and faculty is truly heart-warming."

Ultimately, he accepted a position in the Sales Associate Program at EMC Corporation, ranked among the top five IT companies in the country.