Published 05/04/17

Sarah Rudkin ’15: IB program prepared her for leadership opportunities at United Technologies

Major: International Business, with a concentration in Supply Chain Management
Minor: Chinese
Path: Two-year United Technologies Corporation Operations Leadership Program, then a position in global supply chain management

Sarah Rudkin '15Sarah Rudkin ’15, a graduate of Bryant’s acclaimed IB program, was one of 32 individuals selected – from more than 7,000 applicants – for United Technologies Corporation’s Operations Leadership Program. The months-long interviewing process included case studies and presentations to business executives, says Rudkin, who was invited to apply despite not having met all of the program prerequisites.

 “I applied to Bryant based on the best programs."

The two-year rotational program places participants in a different job in a new city every eight months. Fortunately, Rudkin is highly adaptable: She moved as a young child with her family to Andorra and then Switzerland before returning to the United States for boarding school.

In high school, Rudkin envisioned a creative writing career, but practicality and an economics course sparked an interest in business. Unable to visit colleges – her father had passed away and her mother did not reside in the United States – Rudkin knew she wanted to study business and continue her Mandarin language studies. “I applied to Bryant based on the best programs … I came completely alone." She connected easily with other students through co-curricular activities that included being an Archway editor and a Delta Zeta Sorority recruitment counselor.

"Bryant's IB program ... gave me a strong base in all parts of business."

At Bryant, changing her concentration from Finance to Supply Chain Management was a turning point, says Rudkin, lauding Marketing Professor John K. Visich, Ph.D., and Associate Marketing Professor Teresa McCarthy, Ph.D., for “helping me find … the passion that I’ve been living in the program now.”

When the interview process begins again, Rudkin will seek employment within UTC’s internal network, ideally in global supply chain management, given its dynamic and strategic focus. “Bryant’s IB program allowed me to try out all the different facets of business … it gave me a strong base in all parts of business, which made me a stronger competitor for the program.”