Published 05/05/15

Sarah Philipp '15: Bryant connections led to a tech position with Bose

Major: Computer Information Systems
Minors: Marketing, Applied Psychology
Hometown: Charlestown, RI
Path: Technical Rotational Program, Bose Corporation

Sarah PhillippSarah Philipp ’15 began her senior year with an ambitious goal: to find a job by the end of the first semester. The Bryant Career Connection (BCC), a database of jobs available through the Amica Center for Career Education, was an invaluable resource. “I applied for jobs outside of the BCC, but the interviews I received were from companies in the Bryant network,” she says. “I came to appreciate the University’s strong connections.”

A technology position with Bose Corporation caught her attention. She applied and was promptly invited to an on-campus information session, where she learned that only four to six students would be accepted from more than 80.

“Bryant does a great job making sure we get a lot of team experience."

Two weeks later, she had an interview on campus. A second interview at Bose resulted in a job offer before Thanksgiving. “I had a lot to be thankful for,” says Philipp, who will enter the one-year Technical Rotational Program in June. “Just having the option to try different jobs sold me on the company.”

Throughout the interview process, Philipp had a lot to talk about. “For every question, I had three situations or examples I could discuss,” she recalls. “Many were team-centric, and Bryant does a great job making sure we get a lot of team experience. I also engaged in public speaking when presenting those projects, so I wasn’t nervous about talking.”

Philipp also had plenty of real-world experience, including a Business Analyst internship at FM Global, followed by a part-time job. At Bryant, she worked alongside IT professionals as a student technician, troubleshooting and fixing computer issues for faculty and staff.

During a senior marketing seminar class, Philipp worked to improve the marketing efforts of real clients including an accounting firm, a trampoline park, and the developers of shopping center, and she collaborated on projects for Target Corporation.

“You can’t beat that kind of experience,” she says. “It’s one thing to do case studies and talk about what a company should change, but it’s a completely different experience when you actually talk to those business owners and managers, and research ways they can improve their businesses.”