Published 06/04/13

Michael Leonard '13: Using a flexible curriculum to incorporate broad interests

Major: Business Administration
Concentrations: Finance, Economics, Applied Statistic
Path: Associate in the Equity Research Division, Cowen & Company, New York City

“By working with alumni and professors, I was able to find my own path to success for what I wanted out of my education,” says Michael Leonard ’13, who came to Bryant unsure about whether to major in finance or economics. Bryant’s integrated curriculum afforded him the flexibility to choose from more than 100 courses of study -- the building blocks for his unique educational path.

He hadn’t previously considered applied statistics but, given his strength in math, Leonard decided to explore his options.

Through the Amica Center for Career Education, he landed an internship at Seraphim Capital, a small venture capital firm in London, during the summer of 2011.

“My favorite part of it all was a couple of presentations from CEOs of potential investment companies. I loved seeing the questions that the portfolio managers asked about revenue growth or actual sales. It helped me see what real investors care about."

That first international experience whetted Leonard’s appetite for travel. He went on to study in Rome for the spring 2012.

Because the business world is so globally integrated,"it’s very important to understand other cultures and how people are in the rest of the world," he says. "Bryant understands that and brings more and more of that to campus and sends students out into the world to learn about it through programs like study abroad and the Sophomore International Experience."