Published 04/10/15

Marcia Chong '12: A career path that aligns with interest in social causes

Major: International Business (Marketing)
Minors: French , Sociology
Hometown: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Path:  Advisory Services Analyst, Third Sector Capital Partners

Marcia ChongMarcia Chong is an advisory services analyst at Third Sector Capital Partners, a leading nonprofit advisory firm that is building a new global industry in the fields of Pay for Success and Social Impact Bonds. The organization’s work has been cited by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Google, and others as the “the social innovation of our time.”

“Out of all the other schools I looked at, I felt that Bryant had the strongest emphasis on developing global leaders.”

She joined Third Sector as a RISE (Residency in Social Enterprise) fellow, the first Bryant representative in her cohort – and one of the few from a non-Ivy-League school. She knew joining a startup was a risk, but she believed in its mission. It aligned with her interest in sustainable and measurable social causes, a passion that was ignited by a course with Associate Professor of Sociology Sandra Enos, Ph.D., who continues to inspire and guide her to this day.

Chong chose to attend Bryant after researching the University and speaking to faculty and students in the International Business program. “Out of all the other schools I looked at, I felt that Bryant had the strongest emphasis on developing global leaders,” she says.

Learning to work in groups with people from diverse background and different viewpoints was a critical component of her education, Chong adds. She also took part in several social enterprise experiences that included the Fair Trade Federation and the Capital Good Fund, reinforcing her desire to work in an environment where she could bring about measurable social impact.

She cites Bryant’s professors and the integration of business and liberal arts as central to helping her to find her career path. “Having to take sociology, anthropology, and other liberal arts courses inspired me to take a different course of action: to pursue a career that uses business principles to make sustainable social impact, something that is becoming mainstream today.”