Published 01/04/16

Leah Babat '15 MBA: Specializing in analytics pays off

When Leah Babat ’15 MBA decided to make a career change, Bryant University caught her eye. “Bryant has a strong business reputation and everyone I spoke with had good things to say about the university,” she recalls. Now, with her MBA in hand, Babat says that all she heard was true.

Today Babat is employed as a Sourcing Analyst in IT Sourcing and Vendor Management for CVS Health, a position she landed right out of school. As such, she supports the senior analyst, assisting category managers who work within the different divisions at CVS to make the best decisions regarding procurement of hardware and software. “My job is to assist these individuals in identifying the most efficient, cost-effective systems to manage store inventory, the pharmacy, and the like.”

Babat credits Bryant’s faculty for making the coursework both accessible and engaging.

Babat chose to specialize in analytics after exploring the four areas of specialization offered within Bryant’s MBA program. “I went with analytics because it was completely new to me,” Babat says, “and it turned out to be something I really enjoyed.”

Babat credits Bryant’s faculty for making the coursework both accessible and engaging. “I had Dr. Roberto and Dr. Segovis my first semester and they set the bar incredibly high in terms of engagement and understanding,” she says. “They were so enthusiastic about the material that it made it fun to be in their classes.” Babat also found analytics professors Alan Olinsky, the co-director and co-founder of Bryant’s Advanced Applied Analytics Center and Richard Glass, faculty in Computer Information Systems, to be excellent teachers. “Both Dr. Olinsky and Dr. Glass spent a lot to time and effort to make sure we understood everything that we were learning,” she notes.

“Before I enrolled at Bryant, I talked to many people who spoke highly of the institution, and I also sat in on a class. When I saw the interactions between the faculty and students, with everyone working together to learn, I realized that Bryant was where I wanted to be.”