Published 03/22/16

Cristina Connor '10: Attorney at The Silk Companies LLC

As a freshman, Business Administration and Marketing major Cristina Connor ’10 had law school on her mind, so she minored in Legal Studies and Political Science to gain exposure to legal concepts. She complemented these studies with summer employment at a law firm, but during senior year, she was still unsure about applying to law school.

At Bryant, Connor "was accustomed to finding a solution to a problem. Working in real estate is like that."

“Taking a year off from my studies and working as a paralegal for a year after graduation sealed the deal.”

Connor studied at Roger Williams School of Law in Bristol, R.I., adapting quickly to the rigors of law school due largely to her undergraduate experience.

“We worked in groups to solve problems and to present to others. Management classes taught me about what motivates people and about persuading people. Bryant opened my eyes. It taught me to see the big picture.”

Connor honed a skill set at Bryant that has served her well. She works in Pennsylvania for The Silk ® Companies LLC, one of the nation’s largest, privately held real estate and insurance services companies, assisting financial institutions involved in residential foreclosures. In order for many foreclosures to proceed, the mortgage holder must establish a chain of title—the sequence of historical transfers of title to a property. When that chain is unclear, Connor determines who can legally take possession of the property—a process that often encompasses the review of municipal records and property abstracts, collections of legal documents that chronicle transactions associated with a particular piece of real estate.

Connor cites her business background as a factor that motivated her to work in real estate. “Bryant’s approach to business is real world; I was accustomed to finding a solution to a problem. Working in real estate is like that. I look at the process and try to make improvements. It combines the law and the operational aspects of business."