Published 08/23/12

An international business career with a Bryant foundation

MAJOR:  International Business
MINOR:  Spanish
PATH:  Delhaize Group

After a rigorous 18-month international management training program that included six months in Serbia, Ryan Letourneau was awarded an indefinite contract with the Delhaize Group, an international food retailer with more than 3,400 stores on three continents. The Holden, MA, graduate now makes his home in Brussels, Belgium.

“My role as a financial analyst is much different than what I studied,” he says. “While the learning curve has been steep, my exposure to accounting and finance at Bryant provided me with a base of knowledge that made it possible for me to learn the more in-depth financial work and concepts.”

Bryant helped Letourneau develop his ability to recognize cultural differences and to adapt. “With professors from all over the world, the Sophomore International Experience, study abroad, and my Spanish minor, I was able to position myself for an international career, which is what I wanted,” he says.

When he first joined Delhaize, it was the first time the company had hired Americans for the program, and he was one of only 18 selected from more than 750 applicants, most of whom had MBAs. Bryant’s International Business curriculum afforded him the opportunity to be part of a program that’s really competitive, he says. “Different concepts I studied in the classroom continue to help me understand and take on new responsibilities.”