Published 11/30/15

Catching up with David Greco III ’08

David Greco IIIAspiring politicians running for office in Michigan should choose their words carefully. Bryant alum Dave Greco III ’08, research director for the Michigan Republican Party, runs the department that fact checks every Democrat and Republican entering the fray, including examining public statements. “We do everything from opposition research to party messaging,” he says. “I also track and analyze campaign finance reports, approve appropriate disclaimers for party materials, and ensure election laws are being followed.”

"In many of my courses at Bryant, professors encouraged us to examine all sides of an issue and argue both for and against."

Greco always wanted to work in politics, and mentors such as Judy McDonnell, Ph.D., professor of sociology, helped shape the way he viewed the world. “She inspired me to think critically, to be confident about giving the contrarian perspective, and to challenge myself to see something differently,” he says. “In many of my courses at Bryant, professors encouraged us to examine all sides of an issue and argue both for and against.” This pedagogy prepared him for law school and has contributed immeasurably to his professional growth, he says.

How does a Rhode Island native get to Michigan?

“It all started with law school,” he laughs. Greco met his wife, Shanda, now Deputy Chief of Staff for the entire Republican House caucus, in their first year at Suffolk University Law School. And she may have been his most challenging case while there, he says. “It took eight months of my asking her out before she finally agreed.” A Michigan native, Shanda received a job offer to be legal counsel and a policy advisor for the Michigan House of Representatives upon graduating. Greco has become quite fond of Michigan, where he’s found a great career in a field that he loves.

Yet, Rhode Island – and Bryant – are never far from his heart. “Bryant prepares students like few other institutions. I encourage alumni to stay or get involved to help the University expand its reach and influence around the country and the world,” Greco says. “I’m happy to be a resource for alumni or students who want to intern in Michigan or learn more about opportunities in the state.”