Published 12/18/14

Caitlyn Witkowski ’11, ’14 MSGES: Growing as a research scientist

Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Business Administration
Hometown: St. James, NY
Path: Research, teaching, Ph.D.

In 2007, Caitlyn Witkowski had planned to major in Global Studies and minor in Environmental Science. After touring Bryant’s first-class science facilities and meeting department faculty, however, she changed her major to Environmental Science – and never looked back.

"At Bryant, students in the science department work on real projects right off the bat."

As an undergrad, she and renowned environmental scientist Hong Yang, Ph.D., who holds the Dr. Charles Jack Smiley Chair professorship, were part of a team of researchers who spent a month in China and Mongolia.

“At Bryant, students in the science department work on real projects right off the bat,” says Witkowski. “Professors not only do their own research, they also share that research with students. Their findings can be presented at conferences, published, and have true meaning in a scientific community. I think that is one of the most important things for a young student emerging in science.” Near the end of her senior year, she published a paper in PALAIOS, the most highly regarded journal in paleontology.

Witkowski began her postgraduate studies at China University of Geosciences, the top geology school in China, where her courses were in Chinese. She returned to Bryant for the Master of Science in Global Environmental Studies (MSGES) program.

“Studying at Bryant has really opened my eyes to the rest of the world,” says Witkowski. “I’ve been given opportunities to explore science, travel, and really understand myself as a person.”