Published 03/22/13

Blending business and liberal arts

Peter McMahon '13, Marketing major, lacrosse player, Wilton, CT

“Bryant University was a great decision for me because it allowed me to really explore what I wanted to study,” says Peter McMahon ’13 . “When I got to Bryant, I really had no idea what I wanted to do, but the way the curriculum works, it allows you to see every aspect of both the business world and the liberal arts world.”

McMahon discovered a passion for sales, and participated in two sales courses and a sales competition, which, he says, were “great experiences.” He also secured an internship in the media sales department of The Madison Square Garden Company.

The curriculum "allows you to see every aspect of both the business world and the liberal arts world."

“The final project of the internship was to make a sales pitch for myself for a position at the company. I had already done that exact same thing in a course I had taken at Bryant, so I really had a leg up on the competition,” he says. “Bryant's focus really benefits the students because you have a sense of a ‘working environment’ in every class that you go to. No matter what kind of class it is, you have to give formal presentations like you would in a real-life job.”

As a lacrosse player, McMahon was attracted to the Division I competition at Bryant and the opportunity to play for one of the sport's premier coaches, Mike Pressler. "Coach Pressler has been very influential in my life both at Bryant and outside. His goal isn’t just to make you a better athlete but to build you as a person and prepare you for life outside of athletics," he says.

“On campus, we have a ton of different stuff for students to do. There’s always something going on. Coming in and wanting to play a Division I sport, I knew that I’d have a lot on my plate right away. Having the Academic Center for Excellence really took some of that burden off my shoulders by connecting me with people there to help me."