Be a Career Champion for Bryant Students

You are the University’s greatest resource. We invite you to share your knowledge and career expertise to connect our talented students to opportunities, resources and information.

Consider partnering with us in the following ways:

Post an opportunity. Help your employer connect with a pipeline of Bryant students who are team players, athletes, and student leaders. Ninety-one percent of Bryant students report having at least one internship.

Recruiting program. Encourage your organization to hire our graduating seniors through our on- or off-campus recruiting program, video-conference interviews, and/or career fairs.

Internship program. Bryant students know the value of gaining practical experience and are actively engaged in internships. Increasingly, employers use internships as a key strategy for identifying new talent. The majority of Bryant students (91%) report having had at least one internship.  

Career development. We value your career expertise. Share career advice through a variety of options including:

  • Shadow Program: Host a student for a full day or half day during winter break. Allow students to observe your work environment and learn more about your position and career path.
  • Bryant Alumnifire: Mentor students and help them succeed in their career exploration and search.
  • Career panels and site visits: Educate students about your industry and career field.


Questions? Contact us.
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