Mission, Vision and Values


The Amica Center for Career Education at Bryant University is committed to educating and empowering  students and alumni in the career development and planning process to aid them in managing their careers for a lifetime by:

  • Facilitating self-assessment and career exploration
  • Developing avenues for experiential learning
  • Aiding in the transition from academia to the professional world
  • Providing resources for post graduate studies
  • Providing opportunities for employment
  • Serving as a resource to employers and faculty and the other populations that we serve


To be recognized within the career services field and the Bryant Community as a state-of-the-art, progressive center for career education providing a comprehensive Career Development Program, Recruiting Program and Academic Internship Program, delivering excellent service to our constituents, and developing innovative initiatives responsive to institutional priorities, the changing workplace and the global economy.


Our work is guided by:

  • A commitment to excellence
  • High ethical standards of professionalism
  • Respect for those we serve
  • Team orientation
  • Open communication
  • Flexibility