Academic Credit

Bryant University offers eligible students an opportunity to earn academic credit by combining significant work experience with academic study.

Types of internships

Internship as part of an elective course

  • An approved internship is taken for academic credit through a 3-credit elective course (course code: 391 or 491) in either a concentration, minor or general business / arts and sciences area of study.
  • A faculty supervisor will create an academic learning assignment with you, monitor the internship, and assign a grade.
  • You must complete a minimum of 120 hours for each academic internship worked over a period of 10-12 weeks.

Practicum is a combination of elective courses

  • If eligible, you'll have the opportunity to work and study earning 6-15 credit hours, depending on the academic nature of the effort and time committed to the practicum. You'll develop a major research project which is assessed and graded by a faculty supervisor.


  • Credits completed: You must have completed 60 credits and/or departmental prerequisites within the concentration, minor or degree area of study for Internship 391 course as stated in the Undergraduate Course Catalog.
  • GPA: You must have a minimum cumulative, and concentration GPA of 2.0. (Finance 391 and International Business 391 require minimum of 2.5.)
  • If you are a transfer student, you must have completed one full semester to establish a GPA and prerequisite coursework before starting an internship.
  • To apply to internships posted on the Bryant Career Connection, you must attend the Orientation to Academic Internships. These sessions can also be viewed through a webinar. Contact us to schedule.
  • Internship guidelines

- All academic internships are processed by the Amica Center, approved by a department chair, and assessed and graded by a faculty supervisor. (See the step-by-step guide below.)
- You will not be given credit for current or past internships/jobs.
- Academic Internships may be paid, provide a stipend, or unpaid.

BCC internship timelines

Registration process for academic credit

Washington, D.C., program

The Washington Center is a full-time internship and seminar program offered during the fall, spring (16 weeks, 12-15 credits) and summer (10 weeks, 6-9 credits) in Washington, D.C. Previous students have worked in a variety of organizations and businesses, including the White House, Environmental Protection Agency, National Opera House, las offices, and lobbying consultant firms. The program includes internship placement, weekly seminar program, and one evening course. Housing is provided.

  • Eligibility: Must complete minimum of 75 credits, minimum overall GPA: 2.7.
  • Learn more: Bryant Career Connection (BCC) and search for keyword: Washington.

Questions? Contact
Barbara Gregory, Manager of Academic Internship Program
Phone: (401) 232-6355

Denise Gormley, Internship Assistant
Phone: (401) 232-6169