Career Assessment

Please make an appointment with us if you are interested in taking the Strong Interest Inventory, Career Leader, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The Strong Interest Inventory is based on the work of John Holland and the Holland Codes. It covers all work environments and industries and is a great tool whether you are majoring in business or the liberal arts. The assessment includes information on:

  • Best work environments
  • Basic interest scales
  • Top 10 career matches
  • How you match to all occupations
  • Personal ratings including work preferences (individually or with teams), leadership preference, practical vs. academic learner, level of risk taking
  • Majors you should explore based on results

Career Leader is considered the premier online business assessment tool. It was designed by two career development experts at Harvard Business School, Timothy Butler, Ph.D., and James Waldroop, Ph.D. You will receive information on:

  • Top career interest areas
  • Work motivators
  • Your confidence related to skills
  • Top career matches
  • Best cultural fit at work

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type. You will receive a profile related to your four-letter personality code that includes what work environment you would enjoy, strengths and weaknesses related to your personality in the workplace, how you might be perceived by coworkers, and areas for further development.

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