Exploring Majors/Careers

Bryant's College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business offer a variety of degrees that can lead to career success. Be sure to explore all your options before committing to a major or concentration.

Strategies for choosing your major or concentration

  • Meet with a career counselor for a 30-minute consultation.
  • Consider taking a career assessment: Strong Interest Inventory, Career Leader, Myers- Briggs Type Indicator.
  • Enroll in CPC 101: Exploring Major and Career Options, a five-session, noncredit course.
  • Observe an alum in a line of work you are considering during our winter break Shadow Program.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews with Bryant alumni from the Alumni/Student Career Link.
  • Analyze your classes. What are you good at? What are you enjoying?
  • Talk to faculty in degree programs you are considering.
  • Review the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course descriptions and requirements.
  • Attend events related to an area of interest to learn more.
  • Review real entry-level job descriptions and internships on the BCC (Bryant Career Connection).
  • Be sure to use the information available through the Guides and Resources section.
  • Learn about MyPath@Bryant for undecided/Exploratory students
  • Connect with a MyPath mentor

Choosing your minor

Your options will depend on the major or concentration you choose. Choose a minor that will help you academically and build your GPA.

A minor can:

  • Complement your major or concentration.
  • Provide early preparation for a “Plan B” career.
  • Allow for a break from your major area of study.
  • Enhance knowledge of a personal interest.
  • Provide prerequisites for graduate school.

Learn about MyPath@Bryant for undecided/Exploratory students.


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